BARRIER ANTIDRONE PRO system is used to protect private territories and property, military facilities, penitentiary service facilities, frontier regions against encroachments, invasions, terrorist attacks with usage of drones and UAV.

Any drone is an excellent
weapon for enemy groups or
vandals aspiring to inflict
maximum damage over a
distance. Airports, NPP, HPP,
TPS, military depots and the
like; protection of such
facilities against UAV is
extremely necessary.

Illegal Trade
Criminals have adapted
drone for illegal trafficking of
goods over frontiers and into
secure locations such as
prisons, ports and the like.
Depending on unmanned
aerial vehicle model, the
goods weight can reach
several kilograms.

Small drones are capable of
carrying nano-computers and
routers, cameras and
microphones. Overall
panorama of territory and
even video recording of your
private life can be easily
obtained by malicious

Drones can carry on
grenades and other small
weapons, as well as
dangerous substances. It is
a serious terroristic threat
today to any military or
civil facility.


BARRIER ANTIDRONE PRO is a next generation system protecting against UAV. Unlike the first generation systems, it shows not the electromagnetic field bursts, but detects the drone availability in any electromagnetic environment directly. It does not require the operator to know dozens of electromagnetic spectra, does not require constant attention and attendance of the human being.

The system itself detects availability of a drone within the secured territory boundaries and responds correspondingly.

Detects availability of a drone and does not respond to anything else.
Gives warning of available drone with light and sound signals.
Indicates drone type
Shows the sector where the drone has invaded
Switch on a system automatically to make forced landing by the drone
It is operated automatically and does not require any personnel training
Keeps logs of actuations, protocols, as well as archives the primary data further used to conform substations of the alarm.
System software automatically distinguishes electromagnetic spectra of familiar and unfamiliar drones, detects availability of a drone and determines availability of a drone accurately, even if the drone type is unknown in advance.


The system consists of several subsystems, towers with equipment and a control board. Each subsystem is mounted on an individual tower with the total height of 30 m at most. Such towers are intended to accommodate the system elements above the level of trees and obstacles; height of the towers is determined depending on the terrain relief. Each tower accommodates 4 suppressors and a radio monitoring system.


Radius of drone suppression from a single tower: 1500 m at most
Radius of drone detection from a single tower: 2500 m at most
Operation mode: day and night
Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz + buffer accumulator battery
Radio frequency monitoring of all dependent channels
Invasions are recorded into the log and plotted on the map with indication of the interaction area


Freestanding composite steel tower
Overall height: 30 m, base: 3х3 m. A steel structure on a reinforced concrete foundation. The tower
withstands wind load up to 30 m/s with 50-mm ice accretion;
Interference generator with the antenna system:
8-channel suppressor, 120 W of integral power; antenna beam angle: 90°;

Radio monitoring system:

Radio section
Programme analysing obtained data

System of visual drone detection

Outdoor IР cameras 4 at most
Concentrator with PoE 1
Server 1
Drone detection programme

Power supply system

UPS 6-10 kW

Control system

Central server
i5 laptop or a desktop PC

Main block of antenna radiators

Tower with installed radiators

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