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Automatic rifle «Vulcan»(«MALYUK»)

The automatic rifle «Vulcan»(«MALYUK») is the best combat effectiveness solution for a wide range of tasks.

The automatic rifle has been successfully put through official trials, accepted for operational use by Ukraine’s Armed Force and showed itself to highly effective and reliable weapon of the force fighting.

During testing conducted as part of the Official trial program, automatic rifle «Vulcan»(«MALYUK») proved to far exceed in battlefield effectiveness the counterparts currently operated by Ukraine’s military.

With the automatic rifle «Vulcan»(«MALYUK») – thanks to its improved ergonomics design, optimum weight balancing, and technogical innovation applied – an inexperienced shooter will be able to hit twice as much targets, and experienced shooter – 3.5 times more targets they could otherwise hit in a given period of time with a weapon of conventional configuration.

The «Vulcan»(«MALYUK») rifle has bullpup design. It features three Picatinny-style rails for mounting a different variety of optical and mechanical devices, such as sights, grip handle, bipod etc. A quickdetachable suppressor is also available. It allows long sessions of automatic rifle fire to be conducted without compromising ballistic performance of the bullets.

The magazine is mounted within a dedicated shaft, which not only facilitates better fixation, but is designed so that to allow the magazine to fall down under its own weight with press of the release button located next to the trigger, and it is easy to load into the receive from whatever position the shooter choose to take.

The weapon’s design makes an optimal use of the energy of the combustion gases. The barrel is cooled by air convection, resulting in longer barrel life. The convection system, as well as the well-designed design of the gas vent mechanism, provides a low degree of gassing in the area of ​​the face of the shooter.  The  «Vulcan»(«MALYUK»)  rifle has had its recoil reduced.

The  «Vulcan»(«MALYUK»)  automatic  rifle is designed to be ambidextrous for both right-hand and left-hand shooters. The automatic rifle is unified. The ergonomic bolt handle doesn’t move when firing to preclude finger or chin injuries. It also provides the ability to quickly transfer fire.

Also the automatic rifle «Vulcan»(«MALYUK») can be easily controlled with one hand. It allows the key operations – unlocking, firing, removing and replacing the magazine and reloading that can be lifesaving in dangerous situations.

The complete set of the rifle may be different in agreement with the customer.

Mass without magazine, kg


Full length of the rifle, mm


Length of the barrel, mm


Caliber of cartridge used

5.45×39 mm /7.62×39 mm/5.56×45 mm

Firing patterns

Single-shot/ automatic

Rate of fire, rds/min


Muzzle velocity, m/s


Effective range of fire, m


Magazine capacity, rounds


Standard sight

As required by Customer

Type of sigth mountinf

Picatinny (length 315)

Underbarrel grenade launcher

Non inaccesible

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