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The system of stabilization and control of armament is a complex of software and hardware designed to stabilize the fire from both the side of light armored vehicles and from fixed fire points for protection of perimeter.  Also provides for remote control.

The system combines the components of stabilization and control of armament, as well as observation and control of the surrounding area in day and night conditions using optical instruments.

The system is installed on lightly armored vehicles of the BMP type, armored personnel carriers and fixed fire points.

The system allows you to fire with the remote control, which transmits the coded signal through a wireless circuit.

The system is designed to defeat armored targets, fire points, enemy manpower and firing at air targets (such as a “hovering helicopter”).

The system is easy to manage and does not require special skills from soldiers.

Arms control system:
– Automatic 30-mm cannon ZTM-1;
– Automatic grenade launcher AGS-17;
– Machine gun of 7.62 mm caliber type PKT;
– Anti-tank missile system “Barrier”;
– Means of setting smoke screens.

The main features of the system:
• Application of a new modern electronic database;

• Increased system stability;
• Reduced maintenance costs and, accordingly, increased combat readiness;
• Simplified management system, all service information and system management are located on the monitor and commander’s and gunner’s control panel;
• Increased sighting range;
• Programmable rate of fire for guns and machine guns;

• Automatic capture of the target and its continuous accompaniment;
• Determination of the position of the combat vehicle due to the satellite compass;
• Increased the time of combat use;
• Dynamic connection and disconnection (replacement) of devices;
• The cable network is reduced;
• Allows you to manage any combat modules, works with both analog OEM and digital;
• Increased accuracy of guidance and stabilization of weapons;
• Target shooting at moving targets while driving;
• Modular principle of building a system based on a single bus using open standards with the use of a minimum number of units;
• Ability to configure system parameters, change weapon parameters directly in the administrative panel of the control device (both local and remote).

Additional options:
• Communication between armored vehicles;

• Ability to remotely connect and manage complex  (close range – wi-fi);
• Calculation and determination of your coordinates and target coordinates (gps);
• Programmable firing mode by coordinates;
• Transformation of the system into the combat management system.

Type of stabilization system of arming block

A platformless inertial-navigation stabilization system. Dependent line and line stabilization dependent in 2 planes.

The presence of deviations of the arms horizontally and vertically


Maximum rotation speed of the tower

6°/s in automatic mode, 45°/s in semiautomatic mode

Minimum rotation speed of the tower

0,02 °/s in automatic mode, 0,06 °/s in semiautomatic mode

Weapon guidance modes

Automatic, Semiautomatic

Thermal imaging automatic device

Is provided

Digital ballistic calculator

Is provided

Auto tracking of goals

Is provided 0,058 mcrad/sec

Automatic movement of the aiming mark according to the selected angles of aiming and side warning on the monitor screen

Is provided

Automatic  Correction of the aiming angle

Is provided

The development of ballistic corrections

Is provided

Introduction of ballistic corrections

Is provided

Search of targets by the commander In the work of a gunlayer

In the horizontal plane – 360 °
In the vertical plane – absent

The maximum range

No less than 10000 meters

Range strobing

Is provided

Operation of a range finder with automatic AVCS (amplitude selection of target selection)

Is provided

Continuous operation time

12:00, in combat conditions – unlimited

Continuous operation time Selection of the type of weapon for shooting, shooting modes, control of the state of the electric launch, ammunition of the gun and grenade launcher, displaying the angular position of the turret and barrel, the angle of aiming the grenade launcher, the indirect measurement of range

It is displayed on the monitor and the commander’s and gunner’s panels

The maximum speed of the gun’s movement along the vertical

In automatic mode 6 °/s, in semiautomatic mode 35 °/s

The minimum speed of the gun’s movement along the vertical

In automatic mode 0,07 °/s, in automatic mode 0,1 °/s

Middle error of stabilization

No more 1 t ( 3,6 angular seconds)

Low-speed guidance inaccuracy

No more 0,5

Work temperature

-40° + 60°

Automatic diagnostics of system status

Is provided

Automatic target recognition

to 5

Rate of movement in sight shooting

No more 40 kg/g

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