About silent rifle “Shepit”

«Shepit» is a silent rifle for special forces, designed for silent and flameless firing, invisible (hidden) damage to enemy manpower at ranges up to 250 m. The design includes an integrated silent firing device, as well as a polymer stock for mounting various accessories (mounting standard MIL STD 1913).


porability and lightness;
the ability to use optical sights dayand night;
possibility of disassembly to the mainknots, for the hidden transporation,and fast assembly afer that


Weight without magazine and sights4 kg;
General length of the rifle
850 mm
Barrel length
415 mm;
Number of the barrel notches
6 pcs
7,62х39 / 5,45х39;
Twist (caliber 7,62 and 5,56)
1/9,5 and 1/7;
Firing mode
single / automatic;
Firing rate
650 shots/min;
Effective range
250 m