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The FALCON weapon and fire control system was developed as a universal one, designed for installment into combat modules of the wheeled and tracked armored combat vehicles (armored carriers, infantry fighting vehicles). It can also be installed into modules mounted on floating equipment or stationary objects and can be used either in newly created models or to replace the outdated stabilization and fire control systems of the already existing and active in-service models of weapons and military equipment in order to modernize them.

The constitution of the FALCON system and the implemented software and hardware solutions provide automatic control of its functioning in the designated operating modes. It also allows the commander and operator to conduct an overview of the terrain and to monitor the environment in normal or severe weather conditions (at night as well as in a daylight), identifying targets, measuring distances to them, aiming the weapons and guiding anti-tank missiles, as well as setting smoke screens in the indicated adjacent areas of the terrain.

The characteristics of the optical and thermal imaging observation devices used in the system, as well as the image processing methods, allow the user to choose the observation modes that cater to the needs of their visual perception and the observation conditions the best. The technical solutions used in the construction of the module’s drive actuators allow combining high maximum aiming speed with the accuracy and smoothness of combining sighting marks with selected aiming points.


Weaponry stabilizationIn 2 planes
Traverse speed (max-min)60°/s - 0,01°/s
Elevation speed (max-min)35°/s - 0,01°/s
Pointing Angle Range (Extensible)Pan Tilt 360° Tilt -5° ÷ +45°
Laser range finder5 km
Detection/recognition of the tank type targets at night10/4,5 km
Target auto trackingUp to 8
Continuous operation time12 h (with the subsequent 30 min break)
Mean error of stabilizerNot more than 1,8 angle minute
Power27(+2)/(-5) W
Deployment time1 minute
Operating temperature range-40°С to +60°С
The data displayed on the commander and gunner’s screen- Selection of the type of weapons and firing mode; - Management of the antitank missiles, guns, machine guns, grenade launchers, mechanisms of setting smoke screens; - Ammunition control; - Control of the combat module position in relation to the chassis; - Functional control; - System errors detection.
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