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About rotating contact device “OKP-I”

Rotating contact device is designed for uninterruptedtransmission of constant, alternating and pulsedelectrical signals in a wide range of frequencies andpowers between the source and receiver, that arelocated in the rotating pars of the object, in differentclimatic zones (IPI-67)


•fixed housing with internal contact devicesand external connectors;
•movable housing with internal contactdevices and external connectors;
•connecting rotating device;
•sealing seals;
•maintenance and repair documentation.


Ambient temperaturefrom -40ºС to +50ºС
Relative humidity
up to 98% at the temperature +25ºС
Acoustic noise
with a frequency range from 50 Hz to 10000 Hz and a sound pressure level of 135 dB
Sea salt fog
rain with an intensity of 180 mm / h for 5 minutes, including condensate: dew, hoarfrost
Lowering atmospheric pressure
operating – 450 mm m.c. boundary, during transportation OKP-I in a non-working condition– 90 mm m.c.
up to 3000 m
Static and dynamic dust
dust particle sizes from 150 to 850 µm by pollination density (MIL STD 810 method 510.5, procedure 1 dust blowing, procedure 2 sand blowing)
The amount of information transmitted
1 GB with an option of increasing
360 А, 10 А, 15 А, 30 А