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The assault rifle “Vulcan” (“Malyuk”) is the most effective solution for the combat tasks. It has successfully undergone all of the stages of the state trials and has been taken into operation by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the course of the military missions, special bullpup assault rifle “Vulcan” (“Malyuk”) was highly appreciated by the soldiers by the virtue of its balance, reliability, accuracy and ergonomics.

The assault rifle “Vulcan” (“Malyuk”) is based on a convection system of heat removal from the barrel channel and due to that, the life of its work significantly increases. This type of convection system and special design of the gas off-take provides a lesser amount of gas vapors in the area of the shooter’s face, as well as gives the rifle a much more reduced recoil. A hole of the magazine and magazine ejection system are designed in such a way that when the eject button is pushed, which is located outside the trigger, it easily drops under its own weight. The magazine hole also allows the use of Soviet-designed magazines.

Special assault rifle “Vulcan” (“Malyuk”) is adapted for both right and left shoulder. For the purpose of convenience, the handle of the breech-mechanism was designed so that it can be transferred to the appropriate side of the machine. In addition, it remains stationary during the firing, which excludes the possibility of the injury to the shooter. This rifle is equipped with a silencer of our own production, which is designed by the experts of “InterProInvest” LLC, so that when firing in automatic mode there is no impact on the ballistic characteristics of the bullet.


Gross weight with empty magazine, kg3.8
The full length of the rifle, mm712
The length of the barrel, mm415
Caliber5.45x39 mm /7.62x39 mm/5.56x45 mm
Firing modeSingle / automatic
Rounds per minute660
Bullet velocity, m/sec900/715/940
Effective firing range, m500
Magazine capacity, cartridges10/30/45
Standard sightAccording to the customer’s order
Sight attachment typePicatinny rail (315 mm)
Rifle-attached grenade launcherUnder development
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