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About grenade launcher “Harpy”

Grenade launcher “Harpy” is a compact, reliable and easy to use porable complex to provide fire suppor to infantry in close and medium combat, as well as for police operations and special forces operations. Designed to destroy manpower in urban areas, basements and forifications; to defeat lightly armored vehicles; create smoke screens and hearhs/fires. To remove manpower without lethal outcome, special ammunition is used: tearing gas, light and noise, and so on. In order to destroy manpower and for other purposes, fragmentation munitions VOG-25 and VOG-25P are used. Charging is carried out from the muzzle of the barrel, discharge – by pressing the ejector. Its design is equipped with a new complex mechanical sight, which takes into account the derivation of the grenade, and this, in return, allows faster aiming, which significantly increases the rate of fire. Plastic and aluminum are used to make parts and assemblies, so the device is lightweight..


Weight2.6 kg
415 mm (with a folded buttstock)
575 mm (with a put out buttstock))
40 mm grenades (VOG-25, VOG-25P)
40 mm
Firing mode
Single shot
Firing rate
10-12 shots/min
Initial bullet velocity
76 m/s
Maximum range
400 m